About Us

“Since the creation of Auzentech, Inc, our goal has been and will remain to create, produce and distribute the finest sound products in the world.”

Stephane Bae, President, Auzentech Inc.

AUZENTECH, Inc. is a provider of quality consumer electronics products. AUZENTECH has offices in the United States, Sourth Korea, and Japan. The World Headquarters is located in the United States in California’s “Silicon Valley.”

AUZENTECH developed the World’s first Dolby® Digital Live Sound (DDL) card (X-MYSTIQUE 7.1 Gold) as well as the World’s first DTS™ Connect Sound Card ( X-PLOSION™ 7.1 DTS™ Connect). Furthermore, AUZENTECH is the first third-party company to release a Creative X-Fi sound cards with DDL & DTS Connect features (X-Fi™ Prelude, X-Fi™ Forte), and the first company to demonstrate a fully compliant HDMI™ 1.3 soundcard (X-Fi™ HomeTheater HD).

AUZENTECH’s sole purpose is to offer innovative, feature-rich products and solutions. Customers are demanding new alternatives and the best value for their investment. With the understanding of our customers’ needs and desires, AUZENTECH will continue to establish new levels of innovation and deliver new products that validate its brand.